Friday, November 11, 2005

It's been a while

My personal life has been completely out of control so my doulaing/birthing/nurturing life was kinda put on hold (but not for long I am certain).

I did get up the courage to go to the doula gathering on the 30th of October and as anticipated it was an inspiring/loving surrounding. Here is a post I posted on a board I am active on after the meeting:

I hope you don't mind me rambling a bit about my first doula gathering this past Sunday. I was so nervous to meet all these women that I've heard so much wonderful things about (I belong to a message board for natural parenting and the doulas/herbalists/body work specialists that I'd be meeting have quite the reputation...not to mention many of the board members were going to be at the open house later that afternoon) and I almost decided that I wouldn't fit in and I shouldn't go.

Well, I was welcomed with open arms literally and the women were completely welcoming and put me right at ease. We had a little gathering where the two doulas that I will be apprenticing with shared their views for the new center. So amazing. Their goal is to have a center where doulas/midwives/homeopaths/herbalists and other women in the birthing process come together and work as one (as it is now...doulas and midwives rarely work in partnership). Their views are very traditional and holistic which was wonderful to see (as unfortunately I'm finding that some of the newer midwives are beginning to fit the profile of a "medwife").

I talked quite a bit to a midwife that has recently moved here from Texas and it was very enlightening because she's had so much experience with birthing (right from the medicalised hospital birth in inner city hospitals...yes, she's been around different areas of the states).

I also talked to another women who will be taking the training with me and we've already talked a bit about working together in a partnership. She'd love to go to Africa to help with birth there and it was so funny because I mentioned this to Mike and he was like sure get more information about it (his aunt and uncle went to Africa as missionaries 40 years ago and it is something that we've had some interest in). Now, I don't think that Africa is in my immediate future but we talked quite a bit about having something going here as well.

Another interesting thing I learned was that the doulas are giving volunteer care to many women in my city, whether they be homeless, teenagers, refugees or new to the country (we have very mixed demographics here). They say that it is amazing when you can give this women a good birthing experience because all to often they and their babies fall through the cracks. They say that though the labours are generally long and very hard emotionally and physically for the woman and doula that they are the most rewarding births because the women blosoom right before your eyes. Chances are I will probably focus my work in this area as I think I have been through things in my life that I think will help me relate to these girls better that doulas that might not have the same life experiences.

I also found out that I'll probably end up being the homebirth expert and be able to share my knowledge about Quebec midwifery with the doulas. I was very surprised at how little they know about that area. Yesterday I went to the birthing center (for yet another check-up...thank goodness it's my last one) and I happened to run into the midwifery student that was there for Liam's birth. We have a special bond because I was one of here first "births" (as in ever seen) and we really had a close relationship through the pregnancy and I told here about my doula goals and she told me that she was definately going to keep my name in mind for when she has to do hospital transfers (because of Quebec laws midwives cannot do twin births, breech births, care for clients with diabetes, or preterm/postterm labours so quite often part way through the care they have to transfer clients even if they have the knowledge to deal with whatever the issue is). She said she'd been looking into finding someone to take her hospital births (she graduates in May) and thinks that I could very well be the one. So that is very interesting too as I LOVE her and would be thrilled to be able to work with her.

You never know, this doula thing could work and maybe I won't even feel the need to continue to midwifery (though of course that is still the ultimate goal).


Now now, no worries, midwifery is still my ultimate goal and this blog will be around a long to chart that experience but at the time this doula thing was sounding pretty good!! BTW, my training has been postponed because they didn't reach the number of students they wanted to. It should start in the next week or two.


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